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            This Aircraft Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into at Silverdale, Washington this ____ day of AUGUST, 2015 by and between Alaska Aircraft Leasing LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company headquartered at 6381 NW Aileron Court, Silverdale, WA 98383, (LESSOR)  and ________________________ headquartered at __________________________, ________________________ (LESSEE).






            A.        Lessor owns and desires to lease to lessee the Aircraft (defined below) according to the terms of this Agreement.


            B.        Lessee desires to lease the Aircraft according to the terms of this Agreement and is legally empowered to do so.






            The parties agree as follows:


            1.         Leased Aircraft.         Lessor leases to Lessee and Lessee leases from Lessor, upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the following described aircraft and all standard equipment as defined by the manufacturer’s specifications, all optional equipment listed on Appendix A, any replacement or substitutions, and all engine and airframe logbooks for or relating to the aircraft (collectively, the aircraft and equipment are referred to as the “Aircraft”):


                                                2.         Delivery of Aircraft.  The Aircraft shall be returned to Lessor at Silverdale, Washington. All expenses incurred in transporting the aircraft from and to Silverdale, Washington will be Lessee’s responsibility including fuel , airfare , lodging , food . 



            3.         Location of Aircraft.  The Aircraft shall be based in ______,_______.  The permanent base of the Aircraft may be changed to another location within the State of ??????? .  The Aircraft shall not be based and/or operated outside the State of ????????? without the prior written consent to Lessor.  Lessee shall be free to operate the Aircraft throughout its system in the State of ????????? in the regular course of business without further notification of Lessor.


            4.         Term and Lease Rental.


                        A.        The Aircraft is leased for a term of one year (12) months commencing on departure from Silverdale Washington.  Such term may be extended an additional twelve (12) months by written notice from Lessee to Lessor at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration of the initial term.  As consideration for the lease of the Aircraft, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor rentals of the sum of: (1) $2,500 per month (“Base Rental”) plus  $25.50 per tachometer hour  (Engine, Propeller overhaul reserve). Lessor will provide replacement engines and propellers to ??????????,???????? Via standard barge or truck service only. Before the aircraft leaves Silverdale, Washington a damage deposit plus the first and last month’s lease payment plus proper insurance coverage shall be tendered. UPON COMPLETION OF THIS CONTRACT THE LESSEE AGREES TO RETURN THE AIRCRAFT TO SILVERDALE, WA .


                        B.        All payments “Base Rental” & preceding month’s “Engine, Propeller overhaul reserve  shall be made payable to Lessor unless otherwise directed.  Payment is late if not in Lessor’s control by the  10th day of the following month.  Any late rental payments shall be subject to a late payment fee of  $100.00 plus late interest of 1 ½ percent per month on the  amount of the late rental payment. All returned checks are subject to a $100.00 NSF fee plus all fees incurred by Lessor due to overdraft.




            5.         Security Deposit.        Lessee has deposited with Lessor the sum of $5,000 as a security for the performance of Lessee’s obligations under this Agreement. In no event shall interest on the security deposit be payable by Lessor to Lessee . Lessor , at its sole option, may apply all or any part of the security deposit to any obligation of the Lessee pursuant to this Agreement. The security deposit will be returned upon (1) return and inspection at Silverdale ,Washington to confirm Aircraft is in leaseable condition. (2) All “Base rental” and “Engine , Propeller overhaul reserves” are paid in full.



            6.         Responsibility for Maintenance.         Lessee shall be responsible for all inspections, all repairs, all maintenance, all parts expenses, all AD’s,  all servicing on the Aircraft including unschedualed overhauls and or repairs during the term and until acceptable return of the aircraft to Silverdale,WA. Down time for routine maintenance shall not relieve Lessee from monthly rental obligations except for that portion of the month or months when the engine or propeller are actually  being overhauled. Engine and prop installation and removal time does not apply.  Lessor will provide at their normal overhaul periods the engine and propeller to the Local  dock via normal barge or truck service only.


            7.         Insurance.        Lessee shall, at its expense, secure and maintain in effect throughout the term of the Agreement, at a minimum, insurance coverage on the Aircraft as follows:


                        Hull Insurance:  $160,000.00                              


            Liability Insurance shall name  Lessor  as co-insured and loss payee. Lessee shall provide proof of insurance to lessor at the beginning of the contract and each renewal.


            8.         Risk of Loss.   All risks of loss or damage to the Aircraft, from whatever cause, are hereby assumed by Lessee.  In the event of loss or damage, Lessee shall promptly report such loss or damage to the insurance company, Lessor, and all federal, state and other governmental agencies with jurisdiction, and shall furnish such information and execute such documents as may be required for Lessor to make claim under the applicable insurance policies.  The rights and liabilities of the parties shall be as follows:



                        A.        If the Aircraft is lost or damaged beyond repair and the insurance company pays Lessee the amount of the hull insurance, Lessee shall, within ten (10) days after such payment by the insurance company, pay Lessor the sum of $160,000.00 plus all other  amounts due up to the date and time of the loss. It being  the intention of the parties that in all events Lessor shall be paid in full for the loss or destruction of the Aircraft.  Upon receipt by Lessor of the full amount set forth above, this Agreement shall terminate.


                        B.        If the Aircraft is only partially damaged, this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and Lessee shall, at its cost and expense, repair the Aircraft so as to place it in the same or better condition as it was before the damage. During the period the Aircraft is being repaired, Lessee shall continue to make monthly rental payments of  $2,500.00 US per month .  Lessor will not be held responsible or at fault for damages to Aircraft by Lessee or loss of  rent.




                        C.        In the event the Aircraft is seized, condemned, confiscated or in any manner taken by the government of the United States, any foreign government, any political subdivision, or any agencies of any such governments or political subdivisions, Lessee shall be financially responsible for regaining control of the Aircraft.  Lessee shall continue to pay $2,500.00 US  per month.




                        D.        All disposal costs of recovering, moving, storing, cleaning, or otherwise dealing with the transportation and disposition of the Aircraft in the event of loss or damage, from whatever cause, are the responsibilities of Lessee.  Any and all costs, fees, penalties or interest assessed by the government of the United States, any foreign government, any political subdivision or any agencies of any such governments or political subdivisions, relating to the cleanup and disposal of any and all toxic substances emitted from the Aircraft at any time are the responsibility of Lessee.




            9.         Paint and Insignia.      Lessee may affix to the Aircraft any proper advertisement or insignia designated by Lessee to indicate the same is being used in the business of Lessee.  At the expiration or termination of this Agreement, Lessee agrees at its expense to remove such advertisements or insignia.  If such advertisements or insignia are not removed prior to expiration or termination of this Agreement, Lessor may arrange for removal of same and make a claim against Lessee for the cost.




            10.       Lessee Covenants.      Lessee covenants and agrees:


                        A.        to obtain licenses and registrations ( except Federal Aviation Administration Registrations) required by law, in the names of  Lessor; to pay all taxes, assessments, licenses and other fees and charges imposed by any national, state or municipal government or other public or airport authority of any nature whatsoever, the payments due for the Aircraft or its use during the term of this Agreement (including penalties and interest) whether the same shall be payable by or assessed to Lessor or Lessee and whether assessed during the term or after the expiration or cancellation of this Agreement, and to save Lessor free and harmless from such obligations or, if under local law or custom payment may be made only by Lessor, to reimburse Lessor upon demand for any such payments made by Lessor; to file any returns or reports in connection with the foregoing required of either Lessor or Lessee except when Lessor is required to do so;






            B.        Lessee agrees to obtain and maintain all licenses and registrations applicable for operations under FAR part 135.



                        C.        Lessee agrees to pay all landing or airport fees and taxes that are applicable.


                        D.        Lessee agrees that the Aircraft will be utilized and operated under the approved operating instructions of the manufacturer and will also conform to all other State or Federal laws.



                        E.         Lessee shall not make any alterations or remove existing alterations or equipment without Lessor’s approval.  Included in the definition of the Aircraft and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.



F.         Neither this Agreement nor Lessee’s rights shall be assignable , nor shall the Aircraft be subleased or loaned without the prior written consent of Lessor and the Lessee shall not permit a charge, lien, or encumbrance of any nature to be placed or to remain upon the Aircraft.


G.    Upon pick up by Lessee the  Aircraft is considered accepted and in Airworthy , safe condition and fit for lease.  The Lessor expresses or implies no warranties what so ever as to the reliability or dispatchability of the said Aircraft, engine, propeller or accessories.  The Aircraft is only represented as follows:           XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  



H.        to be liable to Lessor for and indemnify Lessor against any and all damage to the Aircraft which occurs during operations of Aircraft.







I.       to maintain all records, logs, and other materials required by the Federal Aviation Administration or any other government authority with jurisdiction to be maintained in respect of the Aircraft, to make the same available at all reasonable times for inspection by Lessor and at the expiration or termination of this Agreement, to deliver such materials to Lessor.






                        J.          to permit the Aircraft to be operated only by a pilot having completed a training course approved by the insurer for the operation of the type of Aircraft covered by this Agreement, and having a current certificate as required by the Federal Aviation Administration or any other governmental authority and which meets the minimum requirements of the insurance policies, certificates and applications described above.





            11.       Default by Lessee.      In the event Lessee falls to repair and maintain the Aircraft, discharge all liens, secure all licenses or registrations, pay all taxes, assessments, licenses and other fees and charges, pay all costs and expenses to be paid by Lessee, procure and maintain insurance, all as described above, or to perform any of the other covenants or obligations of Lessee.  Lessor may enter upon the premises where the Aircraft is located for the purpose of inspection, and may remove the Aircraft without notice to Lessee if, in the opinion of Lessor, the Aircraft is in imminent danger or is grossly miss maintained and corrective action is not taken by Lessee to correct deficiencies.  If Lessee shall fail to pay any amounts when due pursuant to this Agreement, or if Lessee should default in the performance in any of the other terms, conditions, or covenants to be performed by Lessee, or if Lessee should default in the performance of any of the terms, conditions or covenants to be performed by Lessee under any other contracts or agreements between Lessee and Lessor at any time, or it the insurance required to be maintained pursuant to this Agreement shall expire or be canceled and Lessee shall fail to replace such insurance, or it the Aircraft shall be misused or abandoned, take possession of and remove the Aircraft, with or without notice to Lessee, and/or without legal proceedings, and in removing the Aircraft, Lessor may, if permitted by law, use any of Lessee’s licenses in respect to the Aircraft, and Lessor may terminate this Agreement. Upon such termination, Lessee shall be liable to Lessor and shall pay Lessor on demand, all expenses and rentals and reserves as per this Agreement.



            12.       Representations.   Time is of the essence in this Agreement. Only those  representations, warranties, promises, guarantees or agreements, contained In this Agreement are official and binding.




            13.       Miscellaneous.    All notices shall be effective and binding on the parties upon actual delivery or when deposited in the United States Mail. Lessor may assign its rights under this Agreement and in such event, the assignee shall succeed to all the rights of Lessor. This Agreement, which constitutes the  entire agreement between the parties, shall be binding on the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of Lessee. Except as otherwise provided, any changes or modifications of this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by the parties.  THIS AGREEMENT IS A WASHINGTON STATE CONTRACT AND SHALL BE CONSTRUED AND INTERPRETED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW OF STATE OF WASHINGTON.